Independent Foodservices Owners:

Supplier Management is Difficult.
UNIPCO Lowers Your Costs

UNIPCO Member Greg Ross of Rossano's (right) Receiving his quarterly rebate cheque.
Member Gregg Ross of Rossano's (right) Receiving his quarterly UNIPCO rebate cheque.

The Money You Save is Your Profit

UNIPCO's members are independent restaurant owner's operating in Canada. 600 plus members enjoy a competitive advantage by participating in a member-owned, restaurant-buying group. As owners, they increase their cost-effective control over all product purchases with reduced expenditures of cash, effort and time.

UNIPCO can work for you too. If reducing your ingredient costs, and service delivery mark-up appeals to you, then UNIPCO may be a good fit. You may qualify to gain the same competitive advantage as members of UNIPCO do now.

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By joining UNIPCO today, you will immediately gain the same financial performance advantage next month that the chain restaurant franchisee enjoys from their group buying service.

Our Members Say...

As a member of UNIPCO, I have a much larger buying power than I could ever obtain standing alone and no purchase/supply company making money selling to me. On top of this someone else is doing all the negotiations and tracking of pricing for me. I get to run my Restaurant knowing, my purchasing is solid and UNIPCO are constantly watching the pricing. You are only one rebate cheque from understanding it.

Randy Sanford, Driftwood Restaurant

UNIPCO Supplier Features

Bonte Foods

Bonte Foods Limited now sells its products across Canada. The product list has grown to include donair meat products, pepperoni, salami, gyros, pita bread, bagels, donair & pizza sauce, and soups made right here in our federally inspected Dieppe, New Brunswick...

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