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Resto Pub L’Estaminet

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January, 2014

Advantage: Being the Best Host in Your Community

A restaurant dining experience can be a lot like a dinner party where your hosts think of everything to make the experience special as a guest. Feeling special is anything that contributes to making the dining guest feel valued and appreciated with thoughtfulness.
Resto Pub L'Estaminet nails guest thoughtfulness with a dashing dollop of marketing promotion around food, friends, and functions. They focus on treating every customer as a dinner guest coming to a very special party. Just for them.
L'Estaminet is located in Quebec's pivotal highway connector community of Riviere du Loup, with a Pop. 19,974 residents, (Selon les données de 2014, Rivière-du-Loup regroupe une population de 19 974 habitants et constitue la ville centre de la MRC qui compte 34 688 habitants.)
Mylen Ouellet is the proprietor and genial hostess of Resto Pub L'Estaminet. She says she loves being in the restaurant business because she loves being with people and she loves being creative with food. It shows.
Her restaurant's customer reviews are filled with compliments and achievement of high satisfaction ratings. Her customers frequently compliment the menu specials, the thoughtful, attentive service, and celebrate the guest's dining experience. The restaurant has won Facebook Likes from over 10,168 Facebook followers in a region of 34,000 residents. 
As a restaurateur, Mylen says she puts a lot of emphasis on participating on Twitter, Instagram, and publishing branded videos for YouTube and Facebook.
Mylen took over ownership of the now expanded 125-seat restaurant in 2000, from previous owners. She says she is comfortable working anywhere in the restaurant including the kitchen if necessary, but focuses on the customer service and administration. The restaurant was launched in 1987. There are 30 additional outdoor patio seats available during summer season.
The restaurant is open for their popular breakfast at 7 AM weekdays until 11 PM, (Thursdays till 12 AM), and opens at 8 AM on weekends with full menu service till 1:00 AM. The restaurant cooks recipe items in house and has several featured menu items. Most popular are Thin Crust Pizza, burgers and fries, and a customer favorite of 14 different mussel and fries recipes.

Mylen and her team of 50 plus staff members have purposely created a local destination restaurant. They use theme night promotions and invest in promoting local community events. A major effort is put on by the restaurant with community volunteers for many local events including sports. The restaurant raises funds for cancer research as a widely supported community event. She says, her investment in community promotions helps to build visitors' interest and participation.  
One theme night, which is an event is a Gold theme night, which is a dominant theme right down to the customer and staff costumes. There is also another theme night called the Black Night promotion, which is promoted widely on Facebook by guest photos and social media shares. The marketing poster graphic displayed for the Gold Night Theme promotion captures the spirit and fun of the event for customers and staff.

To understand the spirit of the promotion and effort, put into creating a memorable restaurant experience, please click on the video viewing link.  Customers are lining up to get into the specially decorated restaurant theme night. Check out the live band on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant in downtown Riviere du Loup. Spectacle.  Mylen says it is a very popular event with her customers and staff.
 When Mylen has a chance to travel, she looks for new food presentation or recipe ideas. She finds product inspiration on how to make all the little touches come together for her restaurant's brand.  She experienced food served on a wooden serving plate tray, and viola she implemented it.

L'Estaminet's server team is focused on guest awareness and attend to their guest's comfort with novel restaurant dining accessory touches. If you are a guest and forgot your glasses to view the menu, there are reading glasses available. No jacket, no problem there are several available. Perhaps a guest is caught in the sudden rain with no umbrella, no problem, just take an umbrella from the restaurant entrance and return it when you can. Even sunscreen is available for the sun-drenched patio. Customer satisfaction lives in the details. Thinking of everything, means everything to a customer, Mylen says. 

 Mylen puts a lot of emphasis on marketing and branding her restaurant dining experience and volume growth has resulted. She carefully brands everything the restaurant does from guest certificates up to her special community events and promotional items with the restaurant's branding message, which is a version of Eat, Drink, and Be Merry.
View a sample of two professionally produced restaurant customer videos that provide a video walk-through of the restaurant. The imagery and presentation of the food plate as the star of the show saves 1,000 words in explanation. The YouTube videos invite the customers to visit and return again.

For restaurant operators viewing the videos note that the food plate is the leading visual star of the video show, and the supporting cast is the atmosphere and staff.
Nothing in Mylen's restaurant is a chance encounter. Despite being located in a modest sized community, the restaurant features 150 varieties of imported and local beer options from all over the world, hence the prominent restaurant logo branding containing international country flags. Mylen says that her wine selection is growing in customer popularity and so as a result is the restaurant's wine list. She explains that whatever her customers favour, becomes her focus to making sure they are satisfied.
She is assisted in the business end of business management by her husband who is also prominent in the local automotive industry. 
Mylen's business success story is about being an enthusiastic restaurant operator and promoter. She says she loves the restaurant business because it combines two things she loves most, which are being with people and sharing good food.
Mylen says she decided to join UNIPCO some years ago and "immediately in the first year saw a tremendous difference, and financial benefit in the first year." She says she regrets not joining sooner because she knows now that her pricing is always better than what she could achieve on her own.
As an operator, she pays careful attention to her food cost and estimates that she saved in her first year alone with UNIPCO. She says she appreciates UNIPCO because it provides her with more time to focus on her customers and their experience with her menu.

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